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Sorry for the lack of updates on the Adventures page, but long days behind the wheel and short nights have taken all the energy out of me. The last two days were pretty intense, with two detours along the original Route 66 in Arizona, and I could only shake my head in wonder at what the early days on that highway were like. No cruise control, no air conditioning, no GPS...

Yesterday afternoon I reached the end of the road at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Ocean Avenue in beautiful downtown Santa Monica. This time I had no trouble finding the marker plaque that showed the terminus of Route 66 (unlike my start in Chicago) and after a quick view of the ocean and the lovely promenade, it was back in the car, out on the freeway, heading north. To Bakersfield, where I'll be attending the 23rd annual California Hot Rod Reunion for the next three days, starting this morning.

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