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My last update was just before a trip to Mexico in February (2015) and now.... it's only eight months, and some major lifestyle changes later. I turned 65 last month and joined the ever-growing ranks of senior citizens, retired from my job of 41 years at the beginning of this month, and today, begin one of the greatest adventures of my life.

Gail and I are leaving on a cruise ship, bound for Sydney, Australia. and the start of a four-month odyssey through the land downunder and Southeast Asia. I've put the "trip of a lifetime" tag on a few journeys over the years - remember last year's "round America and back again" trip following the NHRA Countdown races? - but this one will top all the others, at least in time (and money) spent.

Updates on this site may be as sporadic as ever, due in no small part to expensive and sloooooowwww internet connections on the ship, but we'll do our best to bore everyone with pictures and stories of our trip whenever we get a chance. Until then, it's Bon Voyage to us, and we'll see you all again next year!

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